Catherine Forge is a photographer and historian based in Melbourne, Australia. She specialises in photojournalism, portraiture, weddings (limited bookings), arts events and nature. Born in rural Victoria (Gippsland), Catherine’s journey into photography grew out of her love for the outdoors and her interest in history. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (honours in history) and a Master of Public History, and is currently working as curator and photographer with Melbourne Museum. Her most recent work is aimed at documenting the untold stories of Australian women on the land via the museum’s Invisible Farmer Project.

In 2016 and 2017 Catherine was listed by Junebug Weddings (USA) as one of Melbourne’s top ten wedding photographers. Catherine’s approach to wedding photography is journalistic and relaxed, and her wedding work has been published internationally and nationally.

Catherine lives with her husband Nick, baby son Elliot and dog Milo in Northcote, Melbourne. She enjoys bushwalks, gardening, live music and the occasional dorky dance. You can get in touch with her here.


Current projects / exhibitions:

Invisible Farmer Project (Melbourne Museum, 2017 onwards)
Loud & Luminous (Brunswick Street Gallery, March 2018)

Recent features / clients:
ABC Rural
Junebug Weddings (US)
Polka Dot Bride
The Wedding Playbook
Museums Victoria
Outback Magazine
Way Back When Consulting Historians
Vogue Magazine (Italy)
Beat Magazine