Invisible Farmer Project - Sally Hall

We are here to care for the land really. I feel like I look outside and I know what to do because it’s telling me all the time – you know, fix this, garden that, tend to that. I feel like when you’re a farmer the land owns you, if that makes sense. ~ Sally Hall

Recently I interviewed and photographed a trout farmer, Sally Hall, as part of my work with Museums Victoria on the Invisible Farmer Project. This collaborative project is focused on uncovering the untold stories of Australian women in farming, food production and natural resource management. A full-length feature I wrote on Sally’s story can found via the Invisible Farmer Project blog, here:


A week in Pukawa Bay (Lake Taupo) exploring Mount Tongariro National Park (North Island, New Zealand)

In April 2018 Nick and I arrived in Wellington, New Zealand, with plans to take a ferry from Wellington down to Picton, South Island, and explore the national parks of Westland Tai Poutini and Fiordland. These plans were quickly derailed when a freak storm hit New Zealand overnight, including tornadoes, airport closures and early April snow blizzards. The ferry was cancelled, and as we listened to the local radio for updates, we also learnt that it was the 50 year anniversary of the Wahine Disaster - New Zealand’s worst maritime disaster in which a ferry sunk off Wellington's shoreline and many people tragically lost their lives.

With the ominous storms continuing, Nick and I decided to make alternative plans and look for somewhere to stay where we could batten down the hatches and avoid the wild weather. Through a Google search of last minute North Island accomodation options we stumbled upon a house advertising a secluded location, rainforest surrounds and "a fireplace for toasty winter stays." It was located in the small village of Pukawa Bay on the southern shores of Lake Taupo, within a short drive from the Tongariro National Park. We didn't know anything about the area or what to expect, but with the storms intensifying and the lure of a warm toasty fire, we decided to book 7 nights.

The following photographs document our week spent in Pukawa Bay and exploring the nearby volcanic and geothermal wonders of the neighbouring region. The weather continued to be stormy for the most part of our stay, but in many ways this only added to the beauty with snow-capped mountains, moody skies and lush rainforest walks. The Māori tribes who have inhabited the region since at least the 14th century refer to it as 'tapu', sacred, and continue to have deep spiritual connections to the landscape. As tourists in such a sacred place Nick and I were incredibly grateful to have the experience of visiting, and particularly thankful to the custodians and communities who have worked towards protecting it over the years

Claire + Josh's Rustic Vineyard Wedding, Jinks Creek Winery (Gippsland)

I'm excited to share some images from the wedding of Claire and Josh. The ceremony and reception were held at Jinks Creek Winery in Gippsland - a wonderful venue with a rustic barn surrounded by vineyards - and it was one of the most beautiful and down-to-earth weddings I've photographed. Claire and Josh did the majority of the decorating themselves (with the help of their friends and family), and the details included handmade wooden signage, homemade cakes, soy candles as gifts to the guests, games on the tables for the children to play with and native Australian flowers put together by Claire and her close friends the night before the wedding. It was raining and misty in the morning, but the clouds parted and the sun arrived just prior to the ceremony. This was a seriously fun wedding for all ages, with the kids having a great time too. The excited smiles of Claire and Josh's son Reeve (ring bearer) and daughter Ava (flowergirl) were priceless! Thank you to Claire, Josh and their families and friends for making me so welcome. I'd also like to thank my mother Fiona, who came along as second photographer and did a wonderful job capturing the details (several of her photos are featured below). Congrats again Claire, Josh, Reeve and Ava x

Baby Charlotte

In 2013 I had the pleasure of photographing Katherine and Matt's beautiful wedding, and this month I was invited back to photograph their adorable daughter Charlotte. There were lots of smiles as five-month-old Charlotte hung out with her parents, read some books (one of her favourite pastimes) and walked to the park to enjoy some late afternoon sun. This is one lovely family, and I wish them lots of happiness in the years to come x

Wan Family Shoot - Holidaying in Melbourne

Last weekend my mother and I had the pleasure of meeting the Wan family in Melbourne (Hon-bing, Sui-ping, Joanna and Christy). This beautiful family were holidaying in Australia and had asked me to come along and capture some memories of their time in Melbourne, and to commemorate the 32nd wedding anniversary of Hon-bing and Sui-ping. We had a wonderful time walking around the city, seeing the sights and having coffee and cake in one of Melbourne's laneways. This family were so friendly and lovely, and meeting them definitely gave me more of a desire to visit their home place, Hong Kong. Thanks to my very talented mother Fiona who came along and captured some of the photos that are featured in this post. And a big congratulations to Hon-bing and Sui-ping on their 32nd wedding anniversary x

Diane and Stuart's Wedding - Smart Artz Gallery & Alto (GPO)

I’m excited to share these images from the wedding of Di and Stu, who were married on the 18th October in Melbourne. This wedding was awesome in every way – the people, the two stunning venues, the abundance of love going around, the beautiful speeches, and most importantly, the happy smiles on the faces of Di and Stu. 

Thanks to Di and Stu - along with their families and friends - for inviting me to capture some snaps of their day. And a special thanks to my mother Fiona McLennan, who came along as second photographer and did an amazing job. Some of her photos are included in this post.

Congratulations Di and Stu x