Campbell La Pun @ Little TENGU

Yesterday I trotted down to Little TENGU in Preston to see the opening of a wonderful solo exhibition by Melbourne-based artist Campbell La Pun. The afternoon was well-attended (so well-attended the windows fogged up!) and included a mesmerising performance by sound art performers Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, David Palliser and Nigel Brown. 

Specialising in pop stencil art, Campbell La Pun produces work that is bright, bold, zany and completely eye popping. There is something in there for everyone - from lovers of Japanese pop culture to closet Doctor Who or Justin Beiber fans. For me, I'm completely hooked on the stencil of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz in the work, 'Totally Definitely Not in Kansas'. 

The exhibition is open for another week at Little TENGU, 93 Plenty Road Preston. Congratulations Campbell La Pun and Little TENGU :-) Totemo Sugoiiiiiiii desu.